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Vidal Creepy Jelly

Vidal Creepy Jelly

Creepy jelly are jelly sweets that are shaped just like critters and insects! They come in a range of different colours with fruit flavourings. Gluten free. The perfect add on to your order. 


Shown on each individual package. 

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Net Weight (g)

Handmade Nougat Tin 160g

Handmade Fudge Tin 160g

Handmade Scottish Tablet Tin 160g

Handmade Fudge Bag 300g

Handmade Scottish Tablet Bag 300g

Handmade Nougat Bag 300g

Handmade Fudge Box 500g

Handmade Nougat Box 500g

Handmade Scottish Tablet Box 500g

Turkish Delight 500g

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